Programming Cheat Sheets

Find here a collection of cheat sheets by language. A quick start guide giving fast results for basic programming tasks.

EMail Fixes for ATT Customers
C & C++
Java How to Execute Command with I/O to Process
Two Small Programs For Controlling MSDOS Caps-Lock
(defunct) A GIF Streaming Server
(NEW) A GIF Streaming Server Using WebSockets
When using netbeans classes disappear while debugging
VI syntax highlighting missing when using SU (Super User) account
What, ANSI terminal won't scroll?
gFTP Cannot download a directory and it's files
Creating a Godaddy SHA2 SSL Certificate for Tomcat
Kill Logitech K400 tap to click for any OS
A PHP Multicast Client/Server Example
An Introduction to GPSS (General Program for System Simulation)
A Miscellaneous Collection of Solutions for the Raspberry Pi
Complete info on Base 64 Encoding
Encyclopedia Of Datagrams
For the Anything-But-CABLE crowd